For pre school children ages two to five years old
Free Government funded places for two to 4years olds.



Creative Play

Playing is undoubtedly what children do best.  Did you know it actually makes them smarter? Though all forms of play are beneficial to children, creative play is what fosters a child's ability to retain knowledge &  be more mindful of their own lives.




Our stimulating environment

Means that our children have lots of resources and opportunities to discover new skills and learning, with lots of freedom to move around and more importantly, explore the world around them



"Pausing to listen to an airplane, stooping to watch a ladybird, sitting on a rock to watch waves crash over the quayside - children have their own agendas & timescales.  We need to hear their voices." - Cathy Nutbrown



By providing drawing materials, children are encouraged to create their own masterpieces which are proudly displayed in our 'ART GALLERY' which increases a child's self confidence and self esteem



is easy, especially when you're doing messy play together


Special Occasions

We love to celebrate good times. We marked the Queens Diamond Jubliee by having our very own street party complete with bunting and party games!



We just love to explore! Here we are on our Autumn walk in Hall Lee Bank Park collecting lots of conkers, pine cones, leaves, sticks and acorns to make our Autumn collage, not to mention making time to paddle in the stream and run down the hill!


Safe and Secure activities

Fully Secure outdoor play areas with lots of natural resources for the children to explore safely.

Their natural desire to learn

We go on trips to the local parks and library, to enhance their opportunities for learning.

Communal Activities

Annual Sports Day, Nativity, celebrate special events; Queens Diamond Jubilee, The Olympics & special religious occasions.

Knowledge & Understanding

Visits from local community,such as the Police, the Fire Service, Doctors and Dentists

What children say.

This is an area where we will post funny ancedotes or delightful comments children have said which may amuse or astound you with their own wisdom.


We would like to receive from our parents  such little gems of wisdom or observations their children have made.


You can either print off and fill these in and bring them into Pre-School or email them to us!

See some images of our Summer Activities :-

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